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…or what nasty things would
you do with a superpower?

Who hasn't dreamed of possessing special abilities in order to change the world? For Vaughan Macrae, this became a surprising reality when he discovered that he might have been given the most useful gift of all. But would he actually know how to use it meaningfully?


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From the everyday life of an unassuming superhero who starts off on the wrong track, subsequently recognizes the full extent of his power, matures with it and finally leads a non-violent all-round blow against everything that is wrong in our world.

This humanistic adventure novel doesn't need any simple-minded super villains, because real opponents like climate change and greed prove to be much more challenging than they could ever be. Cogento takes the reader into a world that differs from our own only by a single small fantasy – but nevertheless develops in a genuinely unexpected manner.

Review from the secular magazine Free Inquiry
Superhero Youth Novel as introduction to

World politics


Climate crisis

How do you motivate young people about topics like humanism or politics? In Cogento, the adventures of a young man with extraordinary abilities also leads the reader into philosophical and political realms as this inadvertent superhero tries to improve the world. This gives young people a book to hand that not only serves as entertainment, but also conveys important values. Furthermore, Professor Richard Dawkins has his first official appearance as a literary figure in Cogento.
(Recommended reading age from approx. 16 years)
Interview with the author Thü

Cogento · Utopian Superhero Fiction
Hardcover 500 pages in English © 2019 Ecliptic Planetary Publishing, Switzerland
® October 2018 · The author Thü was art director and editor of Macworld, Macwelt and Computerworld. He currently lives in Switzerland as a freelance designer and illustrator.

ISBN 978-3-033-07501-6

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