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…or what nasty things would
you do with a superpower?

Who hasn't dreamed of possessing special abilities in order to change the world? For Vaughan Macrae, this became a surprising reality when he discovered that he might have been given the most useful gift of all. But would he actually know how to use it meaningfully?


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From the everyday life of an unassuming superhero who starts off on the wrong track, subsequently recognizes the full extent of his power, matures with it and finally leads a non-violent all-round blow against everything that is wrong in our world.

This humanistic adventure novel doesn't need any simple-minded super villains, because real opponents like climate change and greed prove to be much more challenging than they could ever be. Cogento takes the reader into a world that differs from our own only by a single small fantasy – but nevertheless develops in a genuinely unexpected manner.

Superhero Youth Novel as introduction to

World politics


Climate crisis

How do you motivate young people about topics like humanism or politics? In Cogento, the adventures of a young man with extraordinary abilities also leads the reader into philosophical and political realms as this inadvertent superhero tries to improve the world. This gives young people a book to hand that not only serves as entertainment, but also conveys important values. Furthermore, Professor Richard Dawkins has his first official appearance as a literary figure in Cogento.
(Recommended reading age from approx. 16 years)
Interview with the author Thü

Cogento · Utopian Superhero Fiction
Hardcover 500 pages in English © 2019 Ecliptic Planetary Publishing, Switzerland
® October 2018 · The author Thü was art director and editor of Macworld, Macwelt and Computerworld. He currently lives in Switzerland as a freelance designer and illustrator.

ISBN 978-3-033-07501-6

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